Green Oak Frames

Green oak construction offers a choice based on sustainability, individuality and the desire for a unique and durable building.

Green oak frames are proven to last for centuries and through their varied design provide an opportunity to create outstandingly beautiful buildings and living spaces from complete houses, oak roof trusses, glazed oak extensions and conservatories to garages and a multitude of outdoor structures.  Oak is an immensely strong and durable timber, naturally resistant to rot and insect attack.

Drawing on our knowledge of traditional jointing methods and understanding of the materials we use, oak is perfectly suited to the demands of modern construction.


In choosing an oak frame, you are supporting one of the greenest building techniques available. Compared to materials such as metal or plastic, timber requires only a fraction of the energy in its production. For example, a steel beam requires 10 times the production energy of the equivalent timber beam.

We ensure that the wood we purchase is from a source that promotes and aids sustainable forestry, generally through a formal chain of custody, and wherever possible we encourage our clients to use environmentally friendly building materials.

Our Timber

The vast majority of the high-grade oak we use for framing is sourced in France where correct forestry management has been in practise for hundreds of years. Encouraging straight and relatively defect-free quality oak trees. The trees are thinned, cropped and re-planted on a long-term cycle providing vast areas of sustainable forest.

We have in the past been asked to supply frames in home grown timber and where possible we try to achieve this but it is heavily dependent on the quality of timber available. However, with the relatively recent growth in the oak framing industry there has been a small increase in the number of managed oak plantations in the UK.

Other species of home grown timber are available to us in sufficient quality for framing such as Douglas Fir, Larch and Elm.